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Steven Robinson B.E.M

“Anything is Possible”


Steven Robinson is an amazing motivational speaker, using the experience of his own journey to inspire people into achieving their goals and dreams by breaking down self imposed barriers.

Steven was brought up in poverty and also dealt with bullying through his early years which left him with low self esteem and no confidence. But after a tragic motorcross accident at the age of 18 that resulted in him losing his right arm, he made an astounding positive change proving to everyone and himself that we are all capable of overcoming obstacles and that they can become your greatest asset.

The successes that followed have been largely created by Steven’s determination and incredible work ethic. Not only is he an inspirational speaker but has revolutionised the jukebox industry by inventing his own digital jukebox and also restores vintage jukeboxes alongside manufacturing them. As well as his career in the jukebox industry, he has renovated many houses and has worked as many things such as a motor mechanic, DJ, compare and even a break dancer. All single handedly. (pardon the pun)

It's an extraordinary story of great accomplishment and he continues to surprise those around him. Once afraid of horses: he is now a dressage competitor and where he was once afraid of flying he is now a qualified private pilot who invented and made his own prosthetic arm. There is nothing that stops Steven, as he says himself “If I can achieve all of these things with one arm, what are you capable of achieving with two?”.

His enthusiasm is a great influence on everyone that he comes across and he is constantly teaching and proving to people that with “passion, determination and the right attitude you can achieve anything you put your mind to”. 

Steven Robinson was born and bred in Leeds with a true Yorkshire spirit & is an amazing motivational speaker, using the experience of his own journey to inspire people into achieving their goals and dreams by breaking down self imposed barriers.

Steven is also a TV personality appearing on “A Place In The Sun”, “Posh Pawn Brokers”, “ITN National News”, “BBC’s Look North”, “Sky’s Chrissy B Show”, Radio West Midlands, BBC radio Leeds, Vale Radio, The Jeremy Vine Show, presenter for “Made In Leeds” and also featured on Emmerdale, Houdini and Doyle, The Limehouse Golem (Bill Nighy) and most recently on BBC’s “The One Show”.


  • Anything is possible.
  • Phantom Barriers.
  • Overcoming Fears.
  • A Date To Remember.


When I first heard Steve speak, I was engaged, enthralled and amazed. What a story he has to tell! It's gripping account of overcoming incredible setbacks, delivered with self-deprecating humour. Yes he has a message to share, but he does that gently and with style. Was I surprised, was I moved, was I impressed? Yes, yes and yes. And I was one of the first to rise and give him a standing ovation. I recommend Steven Robinson heartily.

Phillip Khan-Panni FPSA Speaker, Trainer, Copywriter - PSA London

Today’s Chamber of Commerce Christmas Lunch with 150+ attendees & guest speaker Steven Robinson. What can I say... fabulous, inspirational, humorous, humble, thought provoking, motivational...... Thank you Steve.

York Chamber of Commerce

Steve is a fabulous speaker, sharing his story that proves beyond any doubt that our limitations are only what we think. He is entertaining and motivational, as well as being open, funny and humble. Definitely recommend you hear him speak!

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